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Default Virus and worms in Windows 98 system

On 05/13/2010 09:42 PM, 98 Guy wrote:
deevarnado wrote:

I am going to keep watch on this site.

Don't watch it for too long.

Microsoft will be shutting down it's usenet server, and because of a
worm known as Julien ÉLIE, many usenet servers on usenet will also purge
their systems of the microsoft.public hierarchy.

As has been explained to you several times in your apparently "beloved"
news.admin. groups by numerous others, Julien has apparently been
allowed to function in Microsoft's stead from within Microsoft's
service. Your continued insistence that this somehow equates with
activity YOU don't like means an apparent failure by you to understand
the situations involved. This has been displayed by you now for several
years across several forums.
Your continued posts along this line fall into the same category
wherein you think Microsoft's groups should be stolen just like you
advocate stealing or pirating software, particularly Microsoft's.
These groups have received their official legal Notice from Microsoft,
as well as specific groups having already received their individual
closing dates; the legal effect is the groups will be closed here and
across the world. That happens to be within defined guidelines within
and for Usenet.

Should you wish to address the matters in an intelligent manner, has accepted a post by Thor Kottelin to discuss
legal aspects related to the Microsoft closing. Since you are so well
versed in legal matters, perhaps you should post there with your legal
expertise and arguments on the matter.

I'll also remind you that you, personally, were instrumental in causing
the closing of these forums with your continued posting of pirated
software, torrents to pirated software, sites containing pirated
software, posting keys and like activities.

So your alternative will be alt.windows98, and I suggest that other
regular readers be prepared to switch to alt.windows98 when the time

Or wait to see if Microsoft provides some forum upon its site. Or seek
other forums as might be available.

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