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Default Virus and worms in Windows 98 system

deevarnado wrote:

Question about antivirus software? I pulled my old Window 98 system
out for my grandchild to play. I have a lot of old game software
that will only run on 95 and 98 systems. To get to the point I ran
antivirus software on it and all most all exe. and word documents
are infected with TengaA and Wazzu.X worms and Virus.

Other than total re-install and deleting is their a way to
repair these files? I have restored to the oldest restore I can
and I still have the worms and virus. Thank you if you can tell
me how to repair other than reinstall.-

How computer-savvy are you?

I ask because this is no easy problem to solve.

I am cross-posting this to a few more active win-98 newsgroups:

- microsoft.public.win98.gen_discussion
- alt.windows98

Others there can reply to your situation.

I will also tell you that the windows-98 forum on

There was a thread there about a month or two ago about someone who's
win-98 system became over-run by a Tenga infection, and they described
how they dealt with it.

I would remove the hard drive from your infected system and attach it as
a slave to another Pc (say, an XP PC) or some other trused (known-good)
system that has a good antivirus program on it. If you scan the
infected drive for viruses, you might be able to recover the drive and
remove the viral infection.

Tenga is a file infector, and removal of the tenga infector from all
..exe files seems possible.