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Because of subscriber "churn" (customers moving, changing ISP's,
etc) it's likely that the numbers of old non-NAT modems in current
use in USA/Canada is likely very low.

Remember I'm not, I'm in UK. Though I suspect there aren't many of
those in use here either - partly for the reasons you mention and
partly because, I believe, they're not capable of the maximum speed
obtainable (on a good line) anyway; I think they're mostly if not
all USB 1.1, which is raw max.

I think I've had this conversation before regarding early DSL modems and
the USB interface.

My own experience from my first DSL modem back in the fall of 2001 is
that on this side of the pond, they all came with ethernet and maybe
some of the early ones came with ethernet *and* USB. It's not my
recollection that any of the older ones offered by any ISP came with
*only* USB.

I think they did he somewhat like a large mouse in appearance. You
did make me go rummage in my junk pile, as I am sure I have at least one
of them, but I couldn't. (I really must attack that pile sometime - must
learn about how to sell on ebay.) But I remember when they came out, and
even helping someone use one to set up. In those days, ISPs provided a
CD that you ran, and it did everything - load up the drivers, put the
relevant settings into the unit (actually, I don't think the unit had
any non-volatile RAM for such things, so they were loaded in each time
it was started), probably loaded some (bad) news and email clients and a
bodged version of IE, and so on. This ran - to my surprise, reasonably
trouble-free (I like you wasn't used to getting USB things working
without problems under '98); I suppose it was in the ISP's interest to
ensure that it did.
The win-98 systems ran Norton Antivirus (dating from 2000, 2001 and
2002) and had their virus def'n sporadically updated during this 5-year
time span. They were never infected with anything. Sometimes the AV
caught a virus in incoming e-mail.

Yes, the only time I ever remember even seeing a virus was when I
exported an attachment from an unsolicited email to the desktop, and
pointed my then AV at it; I'd assumed it was a virus, and it was. That
was indeed in '98 days.

The NT and 2k systems were periodically hit with worms. I remember that
someone (or some group) was using one of our NT machines as a sort of
private file-server.

Hmm, so you could get at their files, presumably (-:!
For others, specifically win-98 users, who feel naked and vulnerable
running their PC without a firewall, I guess those are the ones that I
can't relate to and for which most of my comments are aimed at.

No; I think we're having a civilized discussion now!
(I just hope it's benefitting others too!)

We'll see...

LG is reading us (-:!
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