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I really would like a fast 98 box too, but it seems
to be the last item on a long list of things to do first.

An XP machine can be a good base for a fast W98 machine. If you use Ghost or
Acronis or some other disk imager, you have plenty of scope to try. Use an
imager anyway, just to back up that WXP so you can restore it if you need to.
Don't trust its own backup/restore point stuff, or its 'redundant file
cache'. There's no substitute for backing up a whole OS wghile it's dormant,
seen as nothign buit a disk full of data by the imaging tool. That way you
can do pretty much anything you like, and repeat nearly all of it at will.

Failure then only costs time. The fewer machines you have, the more use
you'll have for this method. Ghost is sold as a 'cloning' tool for
sysadmins with many machines, but it's FAR more useful in protecting
and rapidly reconfiguring single machines! I think Symantec may have missed
this point, for whatever reason.

If you have lots of plans to do things with one machine, don't put off
imaging. If you don;t do it, then ONE of those things-to-do might break a
system badly enough to prevent the rest, and imaging is always easier and
faster than reinstalling. Once I figured that out I wanted a good imaging
method as top priority, and never regretted finding one (Ghost was rare at
the time, Norton and Symantec hadn't even got hold of it yet, it still
belonged to Binary Research, the New Zealand firm that made it). I have a WXP
image, an OpenBSD image, neither used anymore, but if I want to use them, I
can put either on a machine in a few tens of seconds after backing up my
current system.